The OSV-120 is a 120-person SPS-compliant offshore service vessel, especially suited to serve in the construction of offshore windfarms. During the design process special attention was paid to optimize the logistics onboard the vessel, resulting in a configuration with one large working deck with an open and a covered area. Above the working deck, the helicopter platform and motion compensated gangway are positioned near the reception and with fast access to the changing rooms.

The gangway and the motion-compensated knuckle-boom crane are positioned on the centerline of the vessel, providing maximum flexibility. The DP control station on the bridge and the offices in the superstructure have a direct view of the gangway, crane, and the working deck. The cabins and accommodation facilities are situated along the center of the vessel and close to the waterline, to minimize the effect of vessel motions. The hull shape and stability characteristics are optimized for favorable ship motions in the North Sea, ensuring maximum workability and a high level of comfort for the personnel on-board.

Length over all100 mDraught design5 m
Design speed13 knBreadth19 m
Deadweight designabt. 2500 t