Concept design is performed using the nurbs surface modeling software package Rhinoceros. Based on preliminary arrangement drawings or modeling from scratch the design will be visualized. 3D equipment components can be added to the design by common import formats like iges/sat/step etc. or modeled from drawings. The design can be presented in image files of different views and/or rhinoceros file and/or 3d pdf file. Simulation of e.g. a load/unload operation are performed using the modelling software Rhinoceros in combination with the grasshopper plugin. Equipment handling/movements can be simulated making use of simplified models or highly detailed models. Simulation values like for example translations, rotations, locations, COG can be developed and presented in de simulation model. Various other parameters can be programmed in the simulation depending on the purpose. The simulation can be made to perform in different ways such as manually operated, based on a timeline or by following a ‘trigger point’. Timeline based simulations show you an operation like a movie, while manually operated simulations need specific user input on for example rotations or angles.


All design, engineering and detail engineering from the first drawings to the complete vessel with all construction, equipment and outfitting is done in 3D using CADMATIC Marine Design software. The eBrowser allows the customers to view and walk through the vessel in 3D during every stage of the design and engineering. Giving them the opportunity to continuously monitor the progress and intervene if things are not like they want it. The same CADMATIC model is used to design and optimize deck layouts and arrangements for the vessel during specific operations. Giving a clear overview of the vessel arrangement to all stakeholders within the project and reducing the mobilization time by avoiding any collisions between equipment early in the project design.

Virtual reality

The latest development in-house is the creation of a virtual reality environment for designs and projects. As a bases we use the 3D Cadmatic project database an convert it into a VR environment. By using a headset and controllers its possible to walk-trough and fly-over your ship. An exciting and inspiring environment for interaction during the design process of a new design, for operational support or for training purposes.