Our team of highly trained naval architects, structural designers and mechanical engineers are constantly focused on new developments and innovations in the maritime industry.


With our structured design method we are able to implement new ideas and the client’s requirements in an efficient and creative way into the design. We involve 3D presentation at an early stage of the design, with a complete, full-scale model, available for our clients in 3D on screen and VR environment with a headset. With this model we can integrate and coordinate the technical systems directly into the design.



Our detail engineering department covers the complete range of marine engineering from construction workshop drawings, production fairing, shell plate development, pipe isometrics and outfitting drawings to tailor made production information.


Our experienced staff is working with the newest 3D software and forms the vital step between the design phase and the production of a vessel. With our extensive knowledge of the shipbuilding process we can help our customers to optimize the cutting, forming, building and logistic processes.



Through experience we developed a hands on and no nonsense attitude. We assist our customers in all operational questions, complex calculations and other challenges.


We offer our practical services for complex transport operations, (temporary) foundation design, complete logistical management, consultancy in case of ship damage, refits, feasibility studies, classification issues and much more.


Our team is always stand-by to assist in a fast and constructive way to help our clients with a problem or challenge. With our naval architects, structural specialists, mechanical engineers and regulation specialists we will find the best solution.