Over the years DEKC has specialized in communicating new designs in Virtual Reality (VR) with her customers. The VR model allows you to walk through the vessel before it is built and therefore giving the new owners or crew a comprehensive view of the vessel, including the underlying structures and systems. These models are built with the aid of gaming technology on the UNITY gaming platform.  


In the attempt to implement and promote VR and gaming technology in our industry DEKC is sharing some VR models with the TU Delft and Rotterdam Mainport Institute. This will help the institutes to improve their curriculum and provides a model for the students where they can walk through endlessly without traveling to a ship. In addition sharing the models enables the development of VR tools, simulations and games for our industry. We hope to use the “to be developed” tools and games in the future to make better ship designs and improve maritime projects.


At DEKC we believe the current use of VR is only the beginning. When converting existing vessel designs in to a VR environment the possibilities become endless. For example, simulating critical offshore operations to minimizing risk with the use of gaming software, assessment of modification possibilities in a virtual environment or making instruction and training games to allow personnel to get familiar with the vessel before stepping aboard. We are excited to see what the future brings in this aspect and encourage others in the maritime and offshore industry to collaborate with us on these developments.