In the current offshore industry, vessels often carry a large complement of highly skilled personnel to carry out specific operations on-site. To facilitate the operation of these vessels, they are often classified under the Special Purpose Ship (SPS) Code. The SPS code allows such a vessel to be designed and engineered more efficiently: otherwise, the large complement of personnel would need to be considered as passengers, which dramatically increases the strictness of the requirements the vessel must fulfill. Nonetheless, the SPS requirements are still quite stringent, and lead to inherently more complex designs than conventional cargo ships. At DEKC Maritime, we have extensive knowledge of the SPS code, and plenty of experience with applying it in practice. Furthermore, we have successfully combined the SPS Code with other, equally challenging sets of regulations. Some examples of this include: • SPS open-top offshore support vessels • SPS heavy-lift vessels • SPS + DR-68 dredging vessel • SPS + MODU semi-submersible vessel.