market demands

In response to the demands from the market, where short delivery times of new to build pontoons is highly requested, the demand for a parametric setup of the mainframe increases. Accordingly, short delivery times are crucial to be competitive in the current market.

shorten lead time

The objective of this thesis is to shorten the total lead time of new to build pontoons with varying main dimensions and to be able to deliver the steel weight, material list and total welding meters of pontoons early in the design stage. This will enable to come up with an accurate sales price of new to build pontoons early at the design stage. To achieve shortening of the total lead time and an accurate sales price for new to build pontoons, a parametric mainframe tool will be developed. The tool will provide a quick and accurate calculation of the steel weight, total welding meters and a material list at the start of the design process of a pontoon, based upon the applied materials. Longitudinal strength of pontoons are based on the rules and regulations of Bureau Veritas.