When time is essential, there is no room for errors in the installation process. Especially in the refit business where sailing schedules are leading. Due to emission and ballast water legislation changes, the refit business is booming. These refit projects come with the major challenge that there might be a gap between the real life situation and the documentation.
Where DEKC as a knowledge center excels in shipbuilding engineering, we do not limit ourselves to the theoretical side of the project. In previous projects we were able to give guidance before and during the installation of the engineered systems. One of our engineers / project managers who was involved in the design of the new systems was assisting the preparation of the refit and placed on board to assist with the installation.
There are several advantages in combining project coordination and engineering of a system refit:

  • Single point of contact; from engineering to commissioning
  • Assistance with documentation and class approval process
  • Assistance in finding suitable subcontractors for the job at hand
  • Making sure the complete scope is covered
  • Making sure the right materials and equipment is ordered in time
  • A clear planning is delivered before the project and checked during the project

Reference Project

Feasibility study

In previous projects, DEKC Maritime assisted customers with the selection of suitable systems, which are conform the client specific needs with a feasibility study. The main goal of this study was to select a suitable system for the ship and their operations. Based on existing documentation of the ship, a technical review was performed for several options of new ballast water treatment systems.
Within our study we used mainly these comparing parameters:
  • Power consumption
  • Footprint large components
  • Pressure drop
  • Technical reservations/implications in existing system

Refit coordination

During the preparation phase and the installation phase of the ballast water refit one of our project managers assisted in the project coordination of the refit. With the aim of effectively reducing the workload from the management of the client, DEKC took care of the communication with several subcontractors needed during this refit. These subcontractors were primarily piping manufacturers, electrical installation companies, construction companies and system integrator of alarm monitoring and control system.

Laser-scan and onboard survey

In preparation for the basic engineering for the refit of the ballast water treatment system a 3d scan and survey were performed. When 3D information is not available and only 2D drawings are available, a 3D laser scan is performed to get an accurate 3D image of the engine room and its surroundings. From the scan a point cloud file is generated which can be used as a starting point for the basic engineering of the ballast water treatment system.

Preparation phase

Within the preparation phase, customers are unburdened by DEKC by means of a specialist who makes sure the right material and services are ordered, all documentation is updated and submitted to class.
In the preparation phase, the DEKC project manager prepared a detailed schedule. Including start and end date with all major milestones of the refit project. In addition to the schedule, a plan of action is made of the refit period. In this plan of action, the installation steps and required personnel were described.

Basic and detail engineering

Within this project system design and engineering is done using 3D Cadmatic software; from basic routing for space reservation and early material take off to detailed production information and every step in between. This way engineering and models from different packages can be combines in to one model and customers can review during the engineering project by means of the eBrowser, giving full insight in every step.

Kick off meeting

A kick-off is essential for the execution of a refit project. It should be made clear in the kick-off what is expected of the different parties. Within the kick-off all scheduled actions and milestones are being discussed. When all activities are discussed with the different parties, clashes can be detected and resolved before they appear.

Installation phase

During the installation, DEKC has performed the onsite coordination of the ballast water treatment refit. With the experience and knowledge, DEKC project managers will give practical guidance and consultation during the installation of the new ballast water treatment system.


To finally close the gap between theory and practice DEKC unburdens the customer with a single point of contact who oversees the whole system refit scope from early design to commissioning. It has proven that the knowledge and focus on the system refits, gives projects a higher chance of success.