offshore wind farm

The Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm is a 70 turbine, 350 MW wind farm currently being constructed in the German waters of the Baltic Sea. Each of the 70 turbines is mounted on a jacket, which is anchored to the seabed by four piles driven into the seabed. Transport and installation of these turbine foundations was performed by Royal Boskalis. After hammering each of the foundation piles into the seabed, it is necessary to dredge out the interior of the piles. This is done to ensure the integrity of the foundation. This was done using a custom dredge tool deployed from a 300 t crawler crane mounted on-deck. Once the jacket has been placed on the piles, it is filled with grout to fix the jacket to the foundation. Both the dredging and grouting operations were performed using the VG6000 type vessel.


 DEKC Maritime was responsible for the mobilization of the VG6000, the vessel which would be performing dredging operation. A full engineering package was provided, including every step from the evaluation of the operational load cases to the the design and production of seafastenings and deck equipment. This final step was further streamlined by producing the building packages for the designed equipment at our sister company CIG Centraalstaal. For the grouting operations, performed using another VG6000, the operational load cases and seakeeping characteristics of the vessel were once again analyzed.