DEKC Maritime provided complete Basic Design, Diagrams, Strenght Analysis, Stability Booklets, Detail Engineering and Production Information.


These vessels can often carry a large number of crew, which then requires that the stability is calculated according to the 2008 SPS (Special Purpose Ship) code - Resolution MSC.266(84). The implication is that many of the cargo ship intact and damage stability regulations in the code need to be replaced by the passenger ship regulations, which are more complex and in general limiting. For example the required damage stability index can be greatly increased and the effect of escape route flooding and progressive flooding via A-class bulkheads is to be included. Since the arrival of the new regulations we have specialized in SPS ship design and our latest SPS related project was an independent stability analysis for a new building of an 180 meter heavy load crane vessel design - based on a pre-2008 design. In the past two years we have also produced SPS compliant designs for pipe laying vessels, heavy lift vessels, platform support and diving support vessels.