At DEKC, we have an enthusiastic and international team of designers, engineers and experts in shipbuilding. We offer a professional environment with an informal atmosphere. Furthermore, we support your personal development by encouraging you to keep educating yourself and to visit seminars and take courses to keep up with new developments in shipbuilding. We give you the space and freedom to participate in projects that inspire you. In return, we ask for your commitment and eagerness to fulfill your job to the best of your abilities. This includes communicating well with colleagues and being open to their feedback, such that we can deliver flawless final documents to our clients.


Job Offer

Are you already living in Northern Netherlands, or are you willing to move here? Are you passionate about shipbuilding and do you want to start your career in our team, or do you already have experience in shipbuilding and are you seeking a new challenge? Then we are maybe looking for you! Please contact us for more information or send your resume to career@dekc.n